Allied’s core administrative programs run on internal servers and these programs are developed and maintained by in-house programming staff allowing for maximum flexibility in design and management. Our administrative systems integrate with you through web-based applications, seamlessly coordinating employer reporting of health plan enrollment and eligibility information, and giving you access to several levels of management reporting. The following administrative functions are a sample of what is available at Allied:
  • Electronic employer remittance processing, billing and payment
  • Online management reporting
  • Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Electronic interface with all major carriers

Advanced and Effective Benefits Technology

  • Flexibility - The programming team develops and maintains specialized applications for eligibility, benefits administration and other areas - allowing us to readily accommodate plan changes and updates.

  • Regulatory Compliance - Our entire IT infrastructure is fully compliant with HIPAA privacy and Affordable Care Act. We utilize 834 and 835 formats, and also accommodate proprietary formats.

  • Superior Data Management - Allied functions as an information hub - collecting, storing and expediting benefits data between employers, providers, insurance companies and other business and trading associates. Allied's IT resources are specifically engineered to ensure that data moves between all stakeholders in the benefits chain efficiently and securely.

  • Security - Allied has invested heavily in system security. Our systems are protected by multiple levels of security measures, including:
    • Secure server rooms
    • High level network firewalls
    • Password protection
    • Menu-level security


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